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By - January 28, 2015

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By - January 28, 2015


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By - January 28, 2015


Justice is Blind (To The Heinous Activities of Law Enforcement)

Recently, a fair question has been asked of our criminal justice system: Does the system protect its own? Last year, law...

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Justice, Military and Defense, Political Parties
By Melody Natsiaka - January 28, 2015


Higher minimum wage means businesses can’t make payroll

President Obama and the democrats continue to push for a higher minimum wage ­ $10.10. The President's pledge to “keep up this...

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Business, Economy, Immigration, Money
By Melody Natsiaka - January 27, 2015


Business, Congress, Economy, Immigration, International, Money
By - January 27, 2015


The Race for IP Relay

For most Americans, the process of using the telephone isn’t even considered. It's as natural as putting on clothes or jewelry. Most...

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Business, Culture, Health, Policy Plunders, Technology
By Robert Kingett - January 27, 2015


Afghanistan: Mindless Missions and the Lies They Provided

The U.S. Government has always had its "reasons"... from Pearl Harbor to the Bay of Tonkin. So, it was no surprise that 9/11 heralded...

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Business, International, Money, Political Scandal
By Katie Donovan - January 24, 2015


One Nation, Under Love: The Fight for Justice

The question in today’s society is not so much, what can one race, person of a differing skin color or ethnicity, do to help and...

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Culture, International, Justice
By Katie Donovan - January 23, 2015


Civil Rights – Are We Moving in the Wrong Direction?

The sixties – a decade of change – a time for eliciting forward movement and thought in a country still divided by the inequality...

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Culture, Justice
By Katie Donovan - January 22, 2015


The Libertarian Party – The Environmental Stance

Generally speaking, Libertarians believe that the answer to many of America’s political, economical, and environmental problems are...

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Business, Environmental, Health, International
By Katie Donovan - January 21, 2015

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